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Walker Zupan, B.A.


As the beneficiary of an early education defined by caring community, nurturing teacher-student relationships, and rich arts programming, Walker witnessed firsthand the power of educational experiences to transform lives. He has been fascinated with the art of teaching ever since. In the classroom, he believes arts-based learning can deepen students’ sense of their own intrinsic brilliance, spark rigorous meaning making, cultivate relationships, and advance social justice and communal healing. 

He has spent the past two years as a teaching artist in residence at PS 273 in Richmond Hill Queens—where the majority of his work centered on supporting students’ socio-emotional growth and leadership development via collaborative theatre arts programming. 

He is thrilled to bring his experience as an artist-educator to uplifting the voices and supporting the well being and continued blossoming of the many young people that Green Generations serves.

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