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Kathie Arseno, B.A.

Lead Facilitator

Kathie has extensive experience working with diverse communities of at-risk children and youth, adults, and professionals in the social service field which includes the court, educational, mental health, and substance abuse systems. She blends her love for helping people with the creative arts and healing justice. In recent years, she has been active in her community as an activist, and an advocate for meditation and self-enlightenment. She has used her work and personal life experiences as a platform to spread positive vibes and inspire others to become a greater version of being. Kathie currently teaches self-awareness and healing through various eastern spirituality practices such as meditation, yoga and indigenous practices from her native Taino and Yoruba ancestors. She is only a few hours away from completing her second 200-hour yoga certification solely focused on children’s yoga, and has recently become a certified birth worker in 2020.

Kathie is GG’s lead facilitator and loves her bringing her skills and wisdom to Green Generations. She is very passionate about working with children and truly believes in Green Generations’s mission to nurture and empower children with self-esteem, mindfulness, and leadership education.

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