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Joelle Charles, B.Ed.


Joelle has been an educator since 2006. Having grown up in a household that began its own educational nonprofit, Joelle has experienced both sides of the coin: life as a student and life as an educational leader. From this beginning, she has adopted a teaching philosophy which identifies children as the most valued participants in a classroom. She believes in the domino effect where one’s action has a ripple effect. Because of this, she purposefully makes her actions full of respect, gratitude, patience, and integrity.

When pursuing her Master’s degree, Joelle chose to study Race, Media and Social Justice at Goldsmiths, University of London. In doing this, Joelle intentionally planted herself at the intersection of racial justice, education and wellness. Her interest in feminism, and communal healing make their way into the classroom by way of art projects, stories, and yoga instruction.

After many years with Green Generations, Joelle continually looks forward to carrying on the mission of giving students the tools they need for self care. Her time with GG will always be full of laughs, love, and raising awareness about the importance of student confidence and mental health.

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