Hear From Our Kids

“I love Green Generations because it calms my body and mind.” – Rolston, Kindergarten, age 5, P.S. 54

“I hope GG comes back next year for fifth graders. I really need it. It helps me a lot!” – Xiandra, 4th grade, age 11, Girls Prep

“Green Generations helped me become more ‘zen’.” – Nehki, 6thgrade, age 12, P.S. 184

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher – a Green Generations teacher!” – Kassidi, 5th grade, age 11, P.S. 150

“Thank you, Green Generations, for supporting me so much this year! I love you guys!” – Issiyah, 6th grade, age 12, P.S 184

“I’m going to show my father how to use the feeling stone!” – Tiana, 1st grade, age 6, P.S. 150

“Green Generations taught me that using my kind words is a super power.” – Ayden, 5th grade, age 10, P.S. 184

“Peace, love, motivation, kindness…this is what you need to get through your day and I learned that with Green Generations.” – Mia, 4th grade, age 9, P.S. 83

Hear From Our Families

“I love the program. My son has been so happy since Green Generations started.” – Parents, P.S. 83 – Bronx

“We are very thankful for the program. Our son is more aware of his actions and how it impacts his surroundings.” Parent, P.S. 83 – Bronx

“I have to say that my daughter has learned so much on how to express her feelings to me and she loves talking a lot about taking care of the environment now. I’m very happy that I chose to sign her up for GG.” – Parents, Girls Prep, Bronx

“Thank you for helping my daughter build self-confidence and learn how to be more aware of her and other’s emotions.” – Parent, Girls Prep, Bronx

Hear From Our Schools

“Green Generations has been a really positive impact at our school. I think every school needs this.”  – Assistant Principal, P.S. 83 – Bronx

“Bringing GG on board really helped us to give kids the tools they need to be successful both in instructional time in the class, but also outside of it. […] For us being a priority school in the bottom 5% of New York State to now a school in good standing, that is a huge leap for us. We did that in less than 3 years and I think Green Generations was a big part of that.” – Principal, P.S. 54, Brooklyn

“The kids who participated in GG from my class would beam when they saw their GG facilitators approach the classroom. They loved going!” – Educator, P.S. 184 – Brooklyn

“The children in my class have grown so much this year both socially and emotionally. GG’s program was a great reinforcement and support in their learning.” – Educator, P.S. 184 – Brooklyn