Julie Alexander, B.A.

Curriculum Advisor

Empowering youth, promoting healthy self-esteems, and enhancing children’s social and emotional growth inspire Julie’s passion to teach children. She greatly enjoys and values being a support system for children as a mentor and teacher. Julie has been an educator in various environments for the past four years, including as a teacher’s aide in Cuzco, Peru and as an after-school teacher in Boquete, Panama where she worked with Casa Esperanza, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Ngöbe Buglé children’s health and education and ending child labor.

After earning a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University, and completing her research as a Graduate Fellow at the Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights in Boston, Julie returned to New York City with aspirations to combine her analytical and academic background with her love of teaching children. She did so most recently as a Trainer at Global Kids, Inc. where she worked with middle school youth in Washington Heights, creating and facilitating interactive workshops that broke down complex environmental and social justice issues.

As a visual artist, Julie believes that aesthetics have tremendous power to promote peace and wellness. For nearly 2 years Julie was a Green Generations facilitator and is thrilled to continue contributing as she pursues her M.Ed. at Temple University.

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