Our Programs

Our programs empower children and families with emotional-health and life-skills education.

Self-Esteem & Well-Being
We give children the tools to manage their emotions.


Organic & In-Season Snacks
We offer children healthy snacks in every workshop.


Ethical Leadership
We teach children how to be ethical leaders.

Our Program Highlights

  • We offer 30-weeks of in-school and after-school programming (October – May).
  • We strive to create long-term school partnerships to establish the foundation for holistic wellness programming.
  • Our in-school and after-school programs are designed to provide small group instruction of 10-15 children per group.
  • We offer age-appropriate STEM and literacy integration into our curriculum.
  • We provide dynamic field trips and guest speakers/presenters.

Our programs offer research-based curriculum and hands-on experiences rooted in self-esteem-building and mindfulness activities. This holistic approach integrates mind, body, and heart teaching practices.

Our Objectives


  • Children will learn essential relaxation and visualization exercises that include mindfulness techniques and yoga.
  • Children will learn how to understand their emotions and express them in healthy ways.
  • Children will develop healthier self-confidence, resilience, and coping skills.
  • Children will identify and work on short-term self-esteem goals set for themselves.
  • Children will learn the importance and value of celebrations – great and small – in developing a healthy self-esteem.
  • Children will develop conflict-resolution skills and learn how to maintain harmonious relationships.


  • Children will learn how to nourish their bodies with healthy foods and forge a healthy relationship with food.
  • Children will learn about essential vitamins and minerals found in everyday fruits and vegetables.
  • Children will learn how to make simple and healthy recipes.
  • Children will develop an understanding of how eating can be a social, community-building event.
  • Children will learn farm-to-table concepts and develop an understanding of the importance of organic and in-season farming.
  • Children will discuss food-related issues affecting their communities.


  • Children will develop an understanding of the importance of sustainability.
  • Children will learn about ethical leadership through environmentally-themed projects.
  • Children will create an awareness to act locally and think globally.
  • Children will learn how to make daily differences in protecting the environment through their actions.
  • Children will work together to develop a student-driven ethical leadership project.
  • Children will feel empowered and inspired to make positive contribution for the overall health of their community and planet.

Our programs empower children and families with the tools necessary to inspire generations of ethical leaders and change-makers within their communities.

Examples of Our Ethical Leaders in Action

Kids for COP21: giving children a voice

In 2015, children from around the world including our Green Generations children from 2 school partnerships (P.S. 5 and Girls Prep Bronx) delivered a powerful message to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit in Paris (COP21). The delegates also received inspiring artwork from the children.

Learn more about Kids for COP21 here.

Our Goal

By establishing long-term school partnerships, our goal is to create a ripple effect across generations within the school community between children, families, and educators where GG’s core principles are nurtured.

When Children Feel:

  • Happy
  • Fulfilled
  • Confident
  • Centered

  Children Will:

  • Make healthy life-choices and decisions
  • Nourish their bodies with nutritious food
  • Exercise, practice yoga, meditate, and play

  Children Become:

  • Change-makers
  • Ethical Leaders
  • Solutionaries
  • Effect Social Change