Our Impact

Our Results

We measure success through accountability reports including attendance records, evaluation surveys, and one-on-one meetings with parents, guidance counselors, administrators, and educators to gauge individual student progress.

Last year, we began collecting data from P.S. 184 – Brooklyn, which showed the following trends:


P.S. 184 – Brooklyn

78% reduction in the number of suspensions
74% reduction in the number of incidents
60% increase in GG kids participating in school assemblies due to boosts in confidence

This data proved to be an effective measure for benchmarking, which we will collect extensively going forward across our school partnerships.

What Children Are Saying

“GG helped me with my friendships and taught me yoga.”


“I loved GG. I learned how to relax and celebrate myself.”
We offer children healthy snacks in every workshop.


“GG taught me how to love and accept myself.”
We teach children how to be ethical leaders.

What Parents Are Saying

“One of the great things about this program is that it focuses on social-emotional development and we know from all the research that has been done over the years is that children need social-emotional support.” – Parent from Girls Prep Bronx Elementary

“We are very thankful. Our child is more aware of his actions and how it impacts his surroundings.” – Parent from P.S. 83

“I have to say that my daughter has learned so much on how to express her feelings to me and she loves talking a lot about the environment. I’m very happy that I chose to sign my daughter up to GG. Thank you so much!” – Parent from Girls Prep Bronx

“Love the program. My son has been happy since Green Generations started.” – Parent from P.S. 83

“This is my daughter’s second year with Green Generations and I feel like the GG team really cares about the children they work with. My daughter tells me she loves learning about “my feelings, how to love myself and learning about what makes everyone special”. But for me, Green Generations helped my daughter find other healthy food choices she didn’t even think she would like. GG helped my daughter with promoting healthy friendships, positive self-image, and ways of how to take care of the earth, but that’s simply naming a few. GG has so much more to offer. I’m always eager to find out what my daughter learned at Green Generations. I also love to see all the beautiful crafts she made with GG. Green Generations is a positive organization and I am grateful that my daughter had the experience. My daughter often tells me she is happy because they are all her friends.” – Parent from Girls Prep Bronx

What Administrators & Teachers Are Saying

“This program has offered to students and families vital life skills, healthy practices, and conflict resolution. They have provided this through hands-on experiences and real world connection and experiences. This program would be an asset at any school.” – Ms. Padilla, retired principal at P.S. 5

“Green Generations is the fabric of our social-emotional development at our school. We have seen a drastic improvement in their social-emotional well-being. They have been extremely instrumental in ensuring that the students that they service are provided with a wide array of strategies.” – Ms. Linder, principal from P.S. 184

“I call it a movement. From last year, the group of kids that they had we angry, that walked with their head down, and looked defeated. They didn’t have the coping skills to deal with everyday issues. Now incidents in our school are way down. We need more funding for programs like Green Generations.” – a school-based support coordinator from P.S. 184

“[Child’s name] has grown so much this year both socially and emotionally. Your program was a great reinforcement for him. Thank you for assisting me when he would have difficulty in the classroom or with his peers.” – a teacher from P.S. 184