After-School Program

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Presently, Green Generations runs after-school and in-school programming in five schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn:   PS 5 – The Port Morris SchoolGirls Prep Bronx Elementary SchoolNorthside Charter High SchoolP.S. 83 – The Donald Hertz School, and P.S. 184 Newport School.

After-School Program Highlights:

  • Two 90-minute after-school workshops per week for 12 consecutive weeks (spring semester/2nd grade) and 12 consecutive weeks (fall semester/3rd grade)
  • 12 children per group (maximum)
  • We start with the 12 children in 2nd grade (spring semester) and continue with them into 3rd grade (fall semester).
  • 1-2 trained Green Generations’ facilitators with NYS teaching licenses for each group
  • Our Five-Tiered Teaching Approach (see below)
  • GG workshops incorporate an integrated curriculum to include age-appropriate Literacy, Math, Science, Technology, and Social Science skills, which are aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • Expert, Educator, and Parent Volunteers

What Does the Green Generations After-School Program Do?

Green Generations provides holistic and practical teaching approaches to ensure children are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy choices, understand and reach their full potential, and build happy, compassionate, and meaningful lives for themselves and their community.

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We designed a 5-tiered, successive curriculum to teach children about:

  • Self-awareness, Emotional Well-being, and Life-Skills
  • Nutritional Empowerment
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Ethical and Compassionate Leadership
  • Celebration

Expanding Our Outreach

Green Generations intends to expand its services each year to other nearby elementary schools and while our focus is in the South Bronx, please contact us if you are interested in speaking to us about offering our after-school programming at your NYC school.

For more information about our after-school program and 2014-2015 pricing, please download this presentation.