Wish List

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Digital Camera

We’re excited to start capturing our memorable moments during our workshops and events so we can upload photos and videos to our website. The Olympus Stylus Tough 3000 (color: green) is durable enough for the children to use, too.
Approximate Value: $120

6′ Smiley Face Parachute from Great Lakes Sports

The Smiley Face Parachute will be a perfect addition to our workshops with the children and their families.
Approximate Value: $41.99

Essential Eco-Utensil Set

In many of our workshops with children, parents, and teachers we use food as an avenue to talk about our feelings, good nutrition, family values, and earth-friendly practices. This set is crafted from 100% organically grown bamboo.
Approximate Value: $25.00

Ecolution Elements Eco-Friendly 8 pc. Cookware Set

(Desired Color: green)
We really researched many different kinds of eco-cookware on the market today by taking into consideration the materials used in manufacturing and the effect those materials would have on our health and the planet. We also examined the actual manufacturing and distribution process, energy efficiency, and customer reviews. We read sustainably-focused food blogs, such as, AllKitchenFind, PlanetGreen, and Earth Easy.
The Ecolution pans are 100% PFOA free, which results in fewer Greenhouse gases. The pans are coated with Hydrolon and, as the name suggests, this nonstick coating is safe, natural, and water-based. Also, their products are printed on 70% recycled materials.
Approximate Value: $65.00

Children’s Freestanding Heavy Bag & Gloves

In some of our workshops for children and parents, we teach healthy and alternative ways on how to appropriately express and channel our anger within a safe environment. Punching bags are very useful in helping people learn how to effectively and safely manage their anger.
Approximate Value: $120 (with gloves included)

Arvee Eco-Stapler

This little gadget will not only help us save a little bit on the cost of staples, metal staples are manufactured from pollution-spewing factories. With billions of staples sent to landfills every year, this is just another way that we can reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company, Arvee, only offers products that are ecologically sound from manufacturing to packaging to energy consumption to recyclability.
Approximate Value: $15.00 for two